Ingredients for the Perfect New England Summah Party

There’s a simplicity that can be found in New England summers that I have yet to find anywhere else. So here are the ingredients you’ll need for the perfect New England summer gathering:

Locally sourced seafood.

For this occasion we visited Castigliego’s. Located in Somerset, Massachusetts this market has been selling fresh fish for over 35 years. We simply boiled our lobsters and then placed them on the table.

Locally sourced lobsters.

Locally sourced lobsters.

Quick but satisfying sides.

There are so many farms in the area that it’s easy to grab locally grown/raised items for your sides. The corn and the eggs on the potato salad were both local.

Grilled chicken was also included, because really – what’s a BBQ without chicken? All you need after that is a macaroni and potato salad. No need to go crazy.

No need to get fancy, just place it all out and let your guests serve themselves.

No need to get fancy, just place it all out and let your guests serve themselves.

Simple doesn't mean boring.

Simple doesn’t mean boring.

Beer. Lots of beer.

I mean that’s a no brainer, but I love that I get to fill my cooler with Sam Adams Porch Rocker. Oh Sam Adams, you’re such a fox.

I'd like to serenade this bottle of beer.

I’d like to serenade this bottle of beer.

A body of water.

Anything. A pool. The ocean. A lake. A river. No actual summer party in New England takes place far from a body of water. Besides, without a body of water where are we supposed to dump the tea?!

There's a pool behind the beer.

There’s a pool behind the beer.

Things that go up in flames.

It’s pretty unusual to show up at a summer party and not see something set on fire. Whether it’s a fancy fire pit on someone’s patio, a clearing in the woods or a pit in the sand at the beach, we can’t help ourselves. It’s the revolutionaries in us, I guess.

What can I say, it's the Girl Scout in me.

What can I say, it’s the Girl Scout in me.

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So there you have it. The ingredients for a perfect New England Summah Party. Share your wicked sweet party pictures with us and we’ll share them with our audience! Use the #TheBostonTeaParty or #NewEnglandSummah.